Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Bike Ride Bonfire and Beer Exchangapalooza Best Beer Presentation Scoring Rubric

Following rubric covers six scoring categories. Actual examples of an high scoring entries are included to assist calibration.
  1. Workmanship score depends on tidiness, solid construction, the proper working of mechanical parts, and attention to detail. 5 POINTS.
    2010 DBDC Porta Potty Beer Cooler 
  2. Interactivity and Special Effects score deals with display elements that add to the total effect. Motion, sound, interactivity, and high powered lasers are examples of special effects. 10 POINTS
    2015 Beer Exchangapalooza Roulette Wheel
  3. Offensiveness is the extent to which the presentation violates the sensibilities of participants (no small feat with this crowd). Displays that are lacking cultural sensitivity, refinement, or general intelligence usually score high in this category. 20 POINTS
    2009 Naked Blowup Doll Beer Dispenser
  4. Thematic Strength – Extent to which the display captures the essence of mountain biking, large bonfires, excessive beer drinking, or is dismissive of road bikers. 20 POINTS
    2011 Real Used Porcelain-Toilet Beer Cooler
  5. Flammability – Proportion of the display that is reduced to fine ash by the bonfire. Any components that are not completely incinerated result in large deductions in this category. 25 POINTS
    2007 Longaberger Basket (the original beer presentation)
  6. General Effect represents intangibles not adequately captured by other scores. This score is strongly influenced by crowd appeal. 20 POINTS
    2015 Baby Carriage Launched into the Fire

We're not a judgy group but we do take our Beer Exchangapaloozas seriously so I suggest you not half ass this in 2016.


"Go big or go home"
     -- Johnny Tsunami

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