Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chelsy's Report

Ten riders demonstrated yet again that beer and bicycling DO go together. The pace line to Chelsey’s set a blistering pace before things unraveled a bit approaching Downingtown. We rolled into Chelsy’s, ordered the usual, fired up the jukebox, and welcomed our newest rider – Jim Taylor – to the group. Kirk does that name ring a bell?

The birthday gags were entertaining as always. Dave Calvaresi showed real commitment by immediately "suiting up" in his green-polka-dot-full-body cycling suit. It was a memorable sight that I am trying to expunge from my memory, but some of the local ladies had a different take and gave Dave a nice send off when we left Chelsy’s.

Saying that the return trip pace line was a little ragged would be an understatement, but we eventually formed up at the Dorlan Mill fire road for a 10-across soap-box-derby-style race to the dam – won convincingly by Sebastian. Then as we rolled back into Lyndenwood, a group of riders split from the pack to dive into the park for a midnight milkrun down the quarry trail. The milkrun almost morphed into a trip to the ER when a railroad tie ejected one rider, head over heels, into the woods. The ejection was punctuated by calls of "rider down" and "it looks like a bad one" but he was lucky to have landed in relatively forgiving brush vs a rock field or tree.

Hope to see you tomorrow morning for the Thursday AM ride (departing lower at 6:30am).


P.S. Kirk feel free to contact Jim directly to find out if he spilled the beans on you yet. You guys probably have some catching up to do...

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