Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sunshine and Unicorns

Alcohol will be the answer
this Friday at the overlook.
It's been exactly one month since I last felt that old familiar feeling.  The feeling of real fatigue that comes from dropping the hammer for a couple of hours.

Today's ride was  especially sweet.  Some faces we haven't seen in a while (Tom).  A surprise pickup on the way back from the Bonus Loop (Jim). Brilliant sunshine mixed with the sweet smell of autumn leaves on the ground.

But it wasn't all sunshine and unicorns out there today. We dodged a trip to the ER (wrist) when Mike performed the seemingly impossible (and now legendary) stationary endo.  Starting from a dead stop, he stepped on the crank, and propelled himself straight over the handlebars. With 108 days on the crash counter I guess we were due.


P.S. We capped the ride off with some advance Happy Hour planning. We may crank out some miles before hand, but rest assured we'll be in our spandex hoisting a few cold ones at the overlook @ 5:30.

"Safe biking is no accident"
     -- unknown

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  1. Ah its been a while since I've been caught drinking in spade. Remember getting lots of funny looks!! Also remember the last two miles spent trying to keep my bike in a straight line!