Friday, July 18, 2014

Brew Screw

We've sunk to new lows and we think you should too.

Introducing the Brew Screw.

For about the cost of a six pack of craft beer you can convert your old SPD pedals into a nifty conversation piece and bottle opener with which to open that six pack of craft beers. If that circular reasoning is not enough to convince you, then you should also consider that:
  1. Repurposing your pedals is green in that "not actually green but makes me feel good about myself" sort of way.
  2. It is a definite conversation starter because people are still confused when they see a pedal screwed into the side of a tree.
  3. It was hand made by mountain bikers in a garage while drinking beer (more of that circular reasoning).
We recognize these are lofty claims so we produced the following video documenting the successful use of the first Brew Screw that came out of the garage off the assembly line.

We're a small operation and supplies are somewhat limited BUT we still haven't burned down the garage and we have plenty of beer so rest assured we'll be cranking these puppies out and hawking them on eBay as fast as we can.

If you have questions or comments or would like to pre-order, please shoot us a note at

Thank you for your support of this questionable endeavor.



  1. I just placed an order for 1500 on Etsy. Thanks.

  2. Just placed an order for 1500 on etsy. Thanks.