Saturday, May 7, 2011

On The Rocks

Close call today. Two actually.

But one was a downright scary.

Sunoco Property (new clubhouse?)
MY took a spill off the Creative Playthings bridge reportedly uttering "I'm OK" even before he hit the muddy ground. Somehow he emerged from the woods squeaky clean even after the roll in the mud. We'll call him "Teflon Mike" from now on.

SF hit hard on the rocks near the ruins at Harmony Hill. I was in front and it sounded bad.  The rider who was following SF later whispered by my ear "I don't think I would have gotten up from that one."

Urban art
These brushes with disaster are part of the game. The knowledge of what can happen focuses the mind, and that's a big part of the attraction of this sport. We just always hope the bumps and scrapes don't leave a permanent mark. So far so good.

The long grind up Skelp Level was sublime as always. JA led the way with AF on his tail the entire way. I on the other hand was avoiding the burn at all costs and felt perfectly content grinding it out in a low gear. That earned us the right (and the elevation) to bomb the awesome Black Trail downhill before tackling the Three Little Pigs (wet roots and all) and heading back to Marsh Creek State Park by way of the old Sunoco property (see pictures).

A trip around the Bonus Loop left me with 3.5 hours of pedaling.  Short of my 6 hour goal for this week, but I am feeling strong and after a two week taper will be itching for some Durango singletrack.


"To stop or not to stop, that is the question; the light is red, but my heart is green."
   -- unknown

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  1. BTW it's "Sonoco" as in the paper company... :)