Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rookie Mistake

Welcome Steve M back to the ranks of the perpetually sore but always smiling biking gang after an 8 week hiatus. He may be sucking a little wind after those sleepless weeks in the rocking chair but he still pounded through every rock garden and over every treacherous bridge crossing we could throw at him.

On this ride he was also reminded of the value of being behind the buffoon who rides with one hand on the handlebars and head tipped back drinking from a water bottle, because when his front wheel hits that little dip in the trail his bike is going to step dead and he is going to take a serious spread-eagle trip over the handlebars with Gatorade spraying from the bottle, leaving his bike on the ground pointing the other way and handlebar imprints on the front of his thighs. This is why we are supposed to use Camelbacks (oh, and to avoid drinking from a water bottle contaminated by horse manure).

Thursday schedule is up in the air for some of us who have Indian Princess business to attend to that evening. I am throwing it out there in the interest of keeping Steve on the come-back path with the Thursday night ride. I am 40% probable -- if others are planning to ride please chime in so we can keep the candle burning...


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  1. I have got to tell you all: I was questioning the use of a camelback just before I saw this guy do a one and a half flip in the pike position. The trail could not have been flatter and with one hand on the bar and the other on the bottle, I thought this is how it gets done. Nevertheless, this went down in my book as the largest crash I have witnessed to date... We are talking fully mangled and wrapped around bike crash.

    Heads Up!