Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Seizing Up (repost)

I am reposting this blog entry from 5/28 because I've been reflecting on it and have a few things to add (not the least of which is this picture)...

Well you all missed a good one this morning. I know this because I was the only one there. I was hurrying to meet a buddy, when it happened it was just me.

Racing down the Struble at 6am to meet Andy at the country store...full bore, head down, and I caught a 3" branch in my front wheel (was hiding in the brush next to the trail). It must have stuck in the spokes because it stopped the bike instantly, I flew over the bars landed on my back and rolled on the ground for a good minute or two assessing the damage. I was FULL ON and never saw the dang branch, I was on the ground before I knew what had happened (unlike the familiar slow-motion endos where you know what's happening as it's happening - sort of the slow-motion thing). Helmet visor ripped off, seat post twisted 45 degrees, water bottle ejected, knee and shoulder banged up.

I have to say that compared to crashing when you are riding in a group, crashing alone really sucks. Not just for the obvious safety reasons. No, it also sucks because there is just no glory. Nobody to witness the drama. No one to retell your story at the annual beer exchange and bonfire. No. You just have to pull yourself together, limp out of the woods, and apologize to your riding buddy for being late.

I actually felt OK during the ride but now that I've been sitting for a couple of hours things are starting to seize up pretty good.

Like the man said, "not all pain is gain."

Time to reset the crash counter and pay more attention.


  1. "no witness, no crash"

  2. Exactly. Just my own private nightmare.