Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bike Bike EAT Bike

I really need to start taking the picture
before I eat it.  This big ol'
clay pot of love was awesome!

That's a solid 6.5 hours for the week.  Over half of them were today when four of us made the rounds:

  1. Bike from Sugars Bridge to Harmony Hill, ride HH
  2. Bike to Marsh Creek, ride MCSP*
  3. Bike to Ricon Tarasco in Downingtown, eat some amazing mexican food**
  4. Bike to Harmony Hill, bike HH again (a little)
  5. Bike to Sugars Bridge (uphill)

...or more precisely Bike Bike EAT Bike

That about sums it up.


Near catastrophe at the stream crossing on the bonus loop. Soft stream bed and big rock conspired to eject a rider over the handlebars.  Disaster narrowly averted.  3 inches to the right would have been a different story.  

** Oh my God is was a big clay pot filled with simmering stew of chicken, steak, chirizo sausage, onions, and hot peppers. It was literally bubbling when the waitress set the pot on the table. 

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  1. Nice job in the saddle. The food looks to die from! Hey you need to update the crash tally...