Sunday, September 28, 2008

Slippery When Wet

(Guest blog post from Mike Riley)

When the rains come in the way they have for the last few days, it means wet trails, tricky roots and mud covered bikes.  Reminded us a of a certain Bon Jovi record.  A few riders were game enough to take advantage of the brief respite from the precipitation and sneak in a few miles. 
We slip slided out the connector trail, around the bonus loop and back home.  A few root slides aside, the trails were in terrific shape, the rain doing a nice job of softening things up and providing a little grip, except of course for those pesky roots and off camber rocks. 
To our historian, the clock on the crash counter must be reset as one rider suffered what appears to be a broken "bird" finger attempting the flattened log obstacle.  It has now blown up to the size of a golf ball and turned the shade of a purple tootsie pop just before you get to the sticky center.  Always appealing in the tone of your indexes.  Oh man, so close to the end, and then spectacular failure. 
And although his timing could have been better as he interrupted what was sure to be a interesting look at the local wildlife on the dam road, we were treated to a surprise mid-ride visit from a former regular sidelined by a minor surgical procedure.  It was not Ali-like and it was not the ring, but it was nice to see him back in the game. 

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