Monday, June 30, 2008


Good intentions were yet again overtaken by alcohol and debauchery when Riley failed to answer the bell Sunday morning. I feel like piling on more Irish references but that would be too easy so I won't. Thanks Bob for carrying the torch when our red headed immigrant from a small European beer and whisky drinking island nation couldn't.

We have a LATE BREAKING STORY -- the 2 year string of no-biking-related-trips-to-the-emergency-room has finally been broken (so you can relax). Summary - the incident occurred on Saturday, it involved a possible equipment malfunction (click here for illustration), no helmet, and perhaps a touch of show-boating. There are many more details, some possibly embarrassing, that add considerable color to the story and of course you are wondering WHO -- but as you know you have to show up for a ride to get the full report!

Now if THAT doesn't drive up attendance, I don't know what will...


"Pain is temporary, Glory is forever"
–Anonymous, but we heard it first from Rob

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  1. I suck. Don't put me in charge. In for a Tues early eve ride.

    - MR