Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mountain Biking

Sunday ride included a special guest (Rob) who introduced us to yet more new trails on the lower east side. One rider attempted to singlehandedly move the huge logpile at the bottom of the sole trail - bike and rider seem to be doing fine but I'm sure the impact registered on a seismometer somewhere. Also we had the customary mechanical breakdowns (broken chain, busted crank arm) but recovered without our drunken bike mechanic who was busy sipping champagne and eating quiche at the family brunch.

"The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated"-- KO

Game on for Chelsey's ride on Thursday!!! Chelsey's doesn't have daycare, so Kirk is lining up a baby sitter. This means we will flip-flop the weekday rides this week:
  • Tuesday 6:30am (morning) meet at Lower Lyndenwood
  • Thursday 8:30pm (night) depart via Upper Lyndenwood.
For Thursday ride don't forget bike locks, some cash (birthday boy needs only a bike), and a hall pass to stay out past 9:30. Weather this week looks perfect.

Finally I have collected photos from Savage. Goto to browse, select, and download whatever you want.


Sunday, May 6, 2007

This is Why We Ride

Perfect chemistry for today's ride - sun, cool temperature, and eight guys riding for pure fun (no "training" on anyone's mind). Even the baggage some were carrying from Saturday night did not slow us down. In fact one rider proved that it takes less than 8 hours to rise from the ashes (or the living rom floor) and jump big into a Sunday ride.

Highlights: SF made his presence known on the way to the dam when he blasted through the middle of the Sunday formation like a Corzine motorcade. A tumble over the side of the Sole Trail bridge (not Sebastian) reminded us all that no stream crossing can be taken for granted. A stop at Mike's drunken bike shop to do "something" to Matt's noisy bike proved fruitless. The action soon picked up when Riley led half the group over a really huge log drop and DC, always a gamer, followed suit and demonstrated a classic clipped-in-somersault over the drop and down the hill. Standing ovation and a trip to the chiropracter for that one! Not to be outdone, Mike Young planted a shoulder, hard, on the Eddie Trail to finally finish the downhill section of the ride. We ended with a mad dash down the Struble and grind to the clubhouse for the debrief. All in all a great ride and reminder why we like to do this stuff so much.

Regarding the customary monthly roadtrip, it is time to nail down a date for the first of '07. Mother's day is next weekend, and at least 5 of us have an Indian Princess event the beginning of June, so May might be a challenge. Anyway let me know what Sundays in MAY and JUNE would work for you - I will reconcile and reply with the date. We usually make these an early day so we can salvage some of Sunday for the family. Depending on destination, we leave around 7AM and get back by early afternoon.

Send me your dates and get back to work. Oh and don't forget rides this week:
* Tuesday 830PM from LL
* Thursday 630AM (note morning) from UL