Thursday, July 26, 2007


Back in the saddle this morning – a little creaky after the crash but had to bang one out before an extended and bikeless vacation that starts tomorrow. Thanks to Jim and Mike for pushing a good pace around the bonus loop. Interesting banter ranged from trail maintenance to blood doping to the no spandex rule (which may be challenged before summer is out).

I am returning August 8th (expecting punishment on Thursday 9th ride) – Jim will crack the email whip in my absence – but a couple of business items before I head out:

Tuesday August 14th is a Chelsey’s birthday ride (catch-ups for Calvaresi and Riley, August birthday for McLaughlin) so mark you calendars.

Need to see if there is interest in an August roadie – maybe something local like French Creek, Brandywine, or Wissahickon. Let Jim know your interest/ability to make it on the 19th or the 26th, and he’ll coordinate (Jim hope you don’t mind).


Friday, July 13, 2007


Great Chelsey's ride last night. A quick recap:

- Confirmed that Bob is a sucker for a bike ride - he rode from Downingtown to Lyndenwood so as not to miss the 1st leg. That is dedication!

- Picked up a 9th rider coming out of the park. He seemed impressed by our numbers and we invited him to hop on, which he did for the ride down the Sole trail. One of our riders was chatting extensively with this fellow, and learned that (a) he is one of the architects of the Sole trail and (b) babbling excessively while crossing that bridge is a bad idea (ouch!).

- Some anxiety over a pickup truck with a (bulky bald) guy behind the wheel watching us head toward the dam where chipmunks have vandalized fences erected by an (angry bulky bald) guy. We fully expected to meet this fellow again at Dorlan Mill road but instead we encountered the aftermath of a very angry chainsaw that had felled a bunch of old-growth oak trees over the struble.

- We set a new land speed record for our customary sprint down the Champs-Elysees into Downingtown, and set up camp at Chelsey's to see how much beer and sluts we could buy for $70 (quite a bit it turns out).

- As expected the pitchers and sluts made for plenty of merriment on the ride home, including a soapbox derby style race (no pedaling) down the dam road, and a slow-race across the top of dam. Then it was back to the 'hood - I believe everyone was tucked in by midnight.

This weekend is game on for Sunday ride - 10am departure from Lower Lyndenwood! Weather looks fantastic.

Also give me your thoughts on a Sunday roadie sometime in August - probably to French Creek or Wiss. For some of the new guys, these are generally early departures (7-8am), carpool to the destination, ride 'till you drop, then back home by mid-afternoon.

Don't forget to keep the rubber side down, Chris