Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Secret

Creative Playthings Bridge
This morning I went riding on the local trails for probably the 500th time. Seriously 6 years, 1-2 local rides per week, that's like 468. It adds up. So these are old familiar trails, right?  I should have known better.

The lake was like glass, with some whisps of fog and a lone fisherman lit by the soft morning sun.  The hurricane had left the trails soft and littered with sticks and leaves, but totally rideable. The air was cool. A cup of strong coffee was clearing my head and I was riding fast, thinking about the 61 minute lap time I had logged last week (could I come close this morning)?

I crested the hill before the Creative Playthings bridge at speed. Most of you know the drop onto that  bridge is getting sketchy. A downhill log drop followed by a tight rutted downhill turn that dumps you right onto a narrow bridge. Once you are over the log you are way to stop or bail out. As my front wheel rolled onto the bridge I looked up and saw that the bridge was UNDER WATER (bridges are supposed to go OVER water). Three thoughts flew through my mind as I rolled across:

  1. How deep is it?
  2. Oh shit it's going to be slippery I am going down
  3. I'll fall into 3' of water it should be a soft landing 

By the time the third thought occured, I was across the bridge. A little wet but upright and still rolling. Of course I had to stop for pictures, so the 61 minute ride time would be safe. I was more cautious for the remainder of the ride, wondering what would be around the next corner. Remarkable how a familiar home trail can still throw a curve at you from time to time.


P.S. The secret to last week's 61 minute Bonus Loop time: broken seatpost.  Pedalling out of the saddle for 90% of the ride keeps you movin'.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Fast Donkey

Good news, this morning I did the Full Bonus Loop in 61 minutes.  That's door to door from Lower Lyndenwood.  For me that's a record.  Bad news I may have broken Rob's USE seatpost.  I hope I'm wrong.  Will look at it tonight.

This next part is going to be too much information.  TMI.  Don't say I didn't warn you.  I got a little banged up on last Sunday's ride.  So when I rode on Tuesday I layered up with a jock strap, under armor briefs, spandex shorts with ample chamois, heavy biking shorts, and a couple of prophylactic Advil.  That made it bearable.  For this morning's record breaking ride I skipped the Advil and the jock strap. I guess I'm on the mend...

Finally, here's one more D2M music video. It is of day five when we rode most of the Whole Enchilada near Moab. I stowed the camera during a little spritzer that day so missed the LPS section, but got plenty of Hazard County Trails, UPS, and Porcupine Rim. And thanks to G.Love (Philly born and bred) for the sound track.  Enjoy.


"You're a donkey, not a thoroughbred horse.  You may become a fast donkey, but you will never become a thoroughbred"
     -- unknown

Friday, August 12, 2011

New Rabbit

There is nothing that transports you you back to the carefree days of childhood quite like climbing onto a brand new bicycle.  Nothing.  So today was a special day for Mike as he pulled his spanking new ride out of the car for our Happy Hour ride.  And for me once I realized his bike is actually going to make me faster trying to keep up with him.

We took a hard charging ride around the bonus loop, stopping periodically to tighten headsets and shotgun a Labatt's Blue (the new format for our Friday Happy Hour rides).  Without the maintenance stops I'm pretty sure we would have set a new speed record.  And KirkT's all rigid 'cross bike provided a nice contrast to Mike's showroom new Niner.  How he kept that thing on the ground at the speeds we were riding I will never know.

There's a new rabbit in town.


"There is nothing, absolutely nothing, quite so worthwhile as simply messing about on bicycles"
     -- Tom Kunich

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Don't Remember

Placeholder for picture I would
have really liked to take but
Add this to the list of things you might see while mountain biking but definitely not while sitting at home on the couch...

As we swung into the park for our sunset ride we came upon a photographer and a very well-endowed model hard at work. She was scantily clad and was man-handling a tire iron in front of some sort of sports car I don't remember what kind.

We tried to be discrete as we cruised by.  Funny since she was being anything but... this Christmas if Santa brings you a Pep-Boys pinup calendar featuring a very capable-looking brunette with two middle-age mountain bikers in the background, Jim and I would be glad to autograph it for you.

P.S. Pin-up photo shoot aside we did have a great ride.  Jim's battery may be low but his vision is intact. And the rust is gone after a 2 week layoff.