Friday, October 23, 2009

Sitting on a Bucket

I don't get it.

I do get hunting. It's what carnivores do (sorry Jamie). Most of us prefer to have someone else do the dirty work so we can buy our meat shrink-wrapped in serving-size portions from a grocery store, but in the end it's the same thing. And frankly from the victim's perspective, I'd rather be shot by a high power rifle while peacefully grazing than to "buy it" in an industrial slaughter house. So I am totally fine with hunting.

But I digress.

What I don't get is why we allow hunting in a suburban multi-use park like MCSP? I mean hikers, bikers, and horseback riders peacefully co-exist every day without fear of killing each other. But once the hunters take to the woods, the rest of us have to stay home or risk taking a frickin' bullet. It just doesn't feel so "multi-use" anymore.

Today I ran into three hunters in less than one hour. One was sitting on a bucket in the middle of a trail about 100 yards from the parking lot. I had to swerve off the trail to get around him. He had the gun, so I just said "hi" and got the hell out of there.

My opinion - flying bullets just don't mix well with hikers and bikers.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Hitler Wants to Ride his Mountain Bike

It is 36 degrees It has been raining non-stop since yesterday afternoon. The forecast is rain for the next three days. This is the sort of thing that drove me to spend some perfectly good money on a road bike. This video is hilarious and sums it up pretty well. Thanks to Mountain Biking by 198 for the tip.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Field of Dreams

I am visiting family in Maryland this weekend so I took the opportunity to check out the nearby Schaeffer Farm Trails. The trails have a reputation for being crowded, but I was the only car on the lot at 7:00 this morning - 40 degrees and dark may have something to do with it. I had the trails all to myself (and a few deer, chipmunks, and a lone fox).

The trails are wicked fast with awesome flow, especially out on the yellow loop. This is a single-speed wonderland. One particularly fun stretch was sweeping through a corn field on some twisty singletrack for a few hundred yards as the sun was coming up. I was half expecting to run into Shoeless Joe Jackson as I railed one of the many blind turns at full speed.

This is all SWEETNESS!


Friday, October 2, 2009

Reality is Biting Me, Don't Let it Bite You

Just watching this trailer got me totally jacked. I can't imagine seeing the actual movie which is too bad since imagining it is my only option since I will be on business travel on the only day the movie is playing nation wide. I guess I'll have to settle for watching the trailer until the movie comes out on DVD in a year or so. This just really bites the big one.