Monday, January 28, 2008

Return to Fair Hill

Our much anticipated return to Fair Hill MD paid off for 8 riders yesterday with a 3 hour outing covering 16 miles of twisting rolling single track with the occasional log hop or rock garden thrown in for good measure. Thanks to Bill for his excellent guiding services, it was nice to just ride and not worry about maps and playing rock paper scissors to choose which fork in the road to take. He set a vigorous pace from the start (i.e., kicked our asses) which was most impressive given that he was on a rigid frame single-speed. Highlights included a couple of dog sled teams, the fox pen (not very sporting IMHO), and the Crackhead Bob trail. Also the valet service was a nice touch (ask Jim Taylor about his keys). Kirk your secrets are still safe (for now) as Drew did not make the ride - apparently he is a Wissahickon guy so we'll have to plan a trip down there soon - keep your calendar clear.
This week is our monthly not-to-be-missed Chelsy's pilgrimage. Standard ride schedule applies:
  • Tuesday 8:30pm Lower.
  • Thursday 8:30pm Upper. This is the Chelsey's ride, sluts for everyone and Mike is even hoping the cougar will be on hand - don't miss the reunion!
Also if you are interested in the February roadie let me know what weekends you cannot make it so I can tabulate and get it on everyone's calendar.
That's all for now.