Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I am up for the ride (unless raining at ride time) – we’ll ride high and dry. I badly need to work out the rigor mortis that has set into my legs since the Sunday ride. As for others, here is what I have heard:

  • Jim - traveling today but maybe home in time for a quickie (or two)?
  • DaveC – making noises about getting back into the game now that football is done, no time like the present?
  • Sebastian – fiddled with banged up cassette on Sunday, maybe good night for a shakedown?
  • Kirk – took Thursday and Sunday off so, itching to ride back into the headlines?
  • Steve – mom and baby sitting on Sunday, looking for a chest thumping testosterone boost?
  • Others? Bueler?? Anybody???


Friday, November 2, 2007

MRDBS Strikes Again

MRDBS strikes again! But first, a quick recap from tonight's ride.

Nine riders! Not too shabby for a weekday night ride. The team of Rob&Bob kept the pace lively (and yes they were on single speeds). One mechanical (fatal) inbound on the Sole - down to 8 riders. Nice night for a walk home though, and a bed check at 10:30 confirmed that he (or at least his bike) made it home ok.

Ok so back to MRDBS, which provided a suspension fork to one of oiur riders this last week. Even installed it for him! Except the dang thing blew up outbound on the Sole. Yes, oil spraying out, bits of metal flopping around, klunking sounds, your basic total breakdown. Did I mention that MRDBS provided this fork? And MRDBS installed it as well? As if that's not enough, MRDBS also returned a loaner light to one of the riders for tonight's ride. Did the light have the helmet mount? No. Did the light have an adequate charge? Ask the owner. Apparently MRDBS has plenty of beer (we already know that), but maybe a shortage of electricity? At any rate, MRDBS was not available tonight to take this punishment in person, so it has to be a public flogging via email. Not sure if we should blame the "R" or the "D" in MRDBS, but the legend is alive and well...

Sunday ride 10am Upper Lyndenwood.