Friday, February 29, 2008

Chelsy's Goes Hollywood

Live band, open mike, and triple the normal Thursday crowd greeted us last night in our spandex and bike helmets. A few "old friends" were on hand (Cougar, pizza guy, Nate the bartender, and others) to make us feel right at home. Great night all around, and 14 degrees wasn't a problem once the numbness set in.

Our March roadie will be the 30th so lock it in. We will institute a standard roadie schedule soon so it is easier to plan.

This Sunday will be a "Roadie lite" - we'll be taking it over to Sunoco for the normal Sunday ride (10-12). I think we have been there once - parked at Downingtown Bikes. Since the place was overhauled, does anyone know of a better place to park (closer to the action, whatever)? Also anyone know of a decent map of the new layout (I will scrounge around at lunchtime but I figure if someone already has it...). Will plan to leave Lyndenwood at 10:00 sharp, probably puts us at Sunoco at 10:15 in case you want to meet us there (once we decide exactly where "there" is)... Let me know if you are in and stay tuned for more!