Sunday, April 27, 2008

Butter Side Up

First I'd like to welcome Brian Kuch on board - it was his first ride with us - I don't think we spooked him too badly and expect to see more of Brian on future rides.

Sunday was memorable with the "wet root" factor adding an element of suspense to every inch of the ride. We tested some new singletrack (just opened yesterday) on the west side of the lake - it was created for one of the "equestrian scavenger hunt" events so it is a little choppy but a dozen rides or so should break it in nicely. We also rode the east side to see if the stone-stream-crossing-handiwork we erected a few weeks ago survived last night's gully washer (I am happy to report that it did). The return trip was punctuated by a near miss with the plastic surgeon when a rider tumbled on the double log crossing at the bottom of the Sole Trail. We figured that 1 out of 2 times that crash results in plastic surgery but luckily this was the 1 that didn't. The second of 2 can't be far away - it will be interesting to see how it turns out...

Second Sunday of the month is the customary roadie but the May one (11th) would fall on Mother's day which would not a great move on our part. Let me know if you have any interest in pushing May's roadie by one week to May 18th.

Slightly modified ride schedule this week. I am travelling on Tuesday (back on Thursday) and the remaining Tuesday riders are all "uppers", so both rides depart from Upper Lyndenwood:
  • Tuesday 8:30pm Upper
  • Thursday 8:30pm Upper
That's all for now.


"Start slow and then back off from there..."
-- Race strategy discussed at last week's Duathlon. Believed to
have originated from our own Kirk Oates.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Fun fast long ride last night, we tried our best to beat the tar out of Sean but he hung in there (he hasn't ridden in quite a while). Just when it we seem to have the new trail "licked" it claims another rider with an endo, collision, spinout, dab, or a slow slide over the bank. Last night did not disappoint with Sean bailing on the chain-saw-log-hop and ending up in a graceful pirouette on top of the log with his bike dangling from one hand. Wish I had a camera but that goes for most rides.

Sunday supposed to be dry and a little cooler (perfect) so game on for Sunday ride 10am departing from Lower.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fleet Footed Fifth Graders

We rocked the Hibernia Duathlon today thanks to a couple of fleet footed fifth graders (Sara and Rebecca). They both turned in blistering times for both running legs of the race. The fact that they ended with ear to ear grins after 4.6 miles of trail running suggests that they may be destined for the podiums in the not too distant future. Their Dads are also thrilled because that means we have a lifetime "get out of running free" card for events of this sort. Everybody wins.

Steve strong armed his sister Christine into assuming the running duties for him (brilliant move) and he kindly offered to take her to Dunkin Donuts in appreciation (consensus was that maybe Le Bec Fin or equivalent would be more appropriate given the performance she turned in). Jim Taylor and his buddy Cliff had to leave before the awards ceremony but both turned in podium finishes in their respective classes (guys, I have your medals). Cliff also wins the "travelled farthest" prize coming all the way in from Colorado (I guess there is no good mountain biking in Colorado). Riley even broke every rule in the book when he brought his ride into MRDBS the day before the race. Fairly amazing that the bike survived the race with no mechanicals, maybe a first for an 11th hour MRDBS project.

The bike course was wicked fast with plenty of passing lanes (yes, we did a considerable amount of passing), very few real climbs, and some rockin' downhills. The weather was perfect - warm and slightly overcast with occasional sun and no rain until the drive home. What a great way to start out the season.

Weather looks perfect for this week, Thursday is a Chelsey's ride. It should be interesting to see what surprises are in store for the return trip on the new trail while we are carrying the "Chelsy's handicap" (this will be our first):
  • Tuesday 8:30pm depart Lower
  • Thursday 8:30pm depart Upper (Chelsy's)
It is almost time to flip one of the weekday rides to a morning ride. I am thinking Tuesdays at 6:15am for the following reasons:
  • Keeps Thursday a night ride (I don't think we're ready for a Chelsy's morning ride)
  • No conflict with Tuesday night Brickside
  • Some guys have early starts at work. Set the alarm for 6:00 and be in the saddle at 6:15 (setting alarm for "five-something am" just sounds nuts).

If you are interested in morning rides and have other thoughts on day or time please let me know. I did a morning ride a couple of weeks ago and it was absolutely beautiful out there - I highly recommend making the effort, you will not regret it.

That's all for now,

"I brought my birdbook"
-- Steve McLaughlin (prerace banter explaining how serious he was about the race)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Become Invinc-isible

Great ride today hitting both sides of the lake. The highlight though was a couple of long lost old souls who climbed back into the saddle after a long winter hiatus. To anyone who may have been sucking a little wind today, remember the prescription: 6 rides in 2 weeks and you will be invincible. Or is that 3 shots of tequila and you will be invisible? Can't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure there is a shred of truth to both.
Weather this week looks pretty good for riding. I am out of town through Thursday so will miss the standard weekly rides, but will throw it out there and let someone pick up the baton:
  • Tuesday 8:30 Lower
  • Thursday 8:30 Upper
Anyone feel free to amend/modify times or locations as necessary.
Don't forget, Chelsy's ride in 2 weeks (4/24), can't wait to try the new trail on the return trip. I'm pretty sure that trail will name itself and it will likely be on the last Thursday of some month...
"I may not ride fast but I can lift heavy things"
-- Unnamed Lyndenwood mountain bike rider

Friday, April 11, 2008

What Bike This Week?

Ok so right now it looks like a small but distinguished group of MH, JC, DM, CD with an early 9am start on Sunday. Any and all are encouraged to jump on - you have to be here if you want to see the latest in the "what bike is Jamie riding this week" saga. Rumor is a used police bike, maybe with real bullet holes instead of the fake bullet holes on that ugly yellow monster he rode last week. Another rumor circulating that KO took a Friday afternoon spin on his bike - practicing for a Sunday surprise? You have to be here to find out! Departing from Lower Lyndenwood at 9am Sunday. ** note time change for this week **


Friday, April 4, 2008

NooB on Board

We have a nooB with skin in the game (just purchased bike) joining us on Sunday. Also a little bird told me that some of "lost souls" we haven't seen in a while climbed back into the saddle last weekend and are making a comeback. This is fantastic news. This Sunday is the perfect opportunity for all this new blood to mix it up and blow out the cobwebs with loads of laughs. Also a great chance to get your head in the game for next week's roadie (Sunday 13th).

Sunday ride departing 10am from Lower - we'll climb into the back of the park and then take the new trail to the dam and the bonus loop. Rumor has it we can now ride the entire park (both sides) with virtually no double track or pavement. Now I ask you, does life get any better than that?

See you on Sunday.