Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Guts and Glory

Remember Rob's immortal words: "Pain is temporary, glory is forever."

Well I think we put that to the test Sunday and Monday. In the pain department, we clearly succeeded. No doubt DC is doubling up on the Advil this week, having earned frequent flyer (over the handlebar) gold status. The ground last night at 20 degrees F was not very forgiving. I for one will be shopping for a new helmet and memorializing the old one for saving me a trip to the ER. In the end, everyone landed a shoulder or chest dab on the ice at some point, so we clearly have the pain part pretty well nailed.

Now for the glory part...

Jim and Mike bombing the lower field by Chalfont, approaching the tree line at high rate of speed, with little braking ability, simultaneously laying their bikes down in a perfectly choreographed double-wide-wipe-out, tangled in the bikes and coming to a stop perhaps 3 bike lengths from certain spectacular disaster. Absolutely brilliant!!

Traffic congestion on the white trail with perhaps 20 mountain bikers, head lamps glowing, traversing numerous creeks, laying their own individual singletrack, and grinning ear to ear all the way to Little Conestoga. The impromptu gathering at the end of the white trail was one of many high points.

Careening down the narrow winding quarry trail (basically a luge with wheels), licking our wounds at the bottom, and then grinding right back to the top for more punishment. The quarry exit usually begins the dash for home, so this was clear indication that the group was completely intoxicated, but this time on something other than rum.

And Sebastian, riding the last 45 minutes with no light (battery died), inspiring the rest of us to cross the upper field in stealth mode (lights extinguished), and capping it off with a first-ever-in-competition slow-motion sideways exit from the Struble bypass which had everyone cheering (and Kirk scratching his head).

After 2 hours of this madness, man and machine were beginning to show wear so we bagged it around 9:30pm.

Sunday's early morning ride was memorable as well with a mad dash across the lake, a high speed traverse of the sole trail, an assortment of trips over the handlebars, and a run-in with a deer that was having a VERY bad day.

All in all it was the perfect way to finish a 9 month string of weekday rides. With the warm weather and the melting snow this week, the Marsh Creek trails will be virtually unrideable so it looks like a little time off to revel in the pain and bask in the hard earned glory.

TBD if we'll ride on Sunday, open to suggestions. Don't forget class at Downingtown Bikes this Sunday. If you have any questions on the class, please contact Sebastian.

Oh, and tighten those friggin' chinstraps!


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Crusty Virgins

Not sure where to start... A bunch of gamers hit the trails this morning at 830am and had the ride of a lifetime. We encountered quite a few other riders (probably a dozen) as well, so clearly the word was out that these conditions were not to be missed. Traction was outstanding, trails were smooth as a velodrome, and in fact trails were optional as you could ride virtually anywhere on this stuff (and we did blaze many new trails). After about 2 hours we began breaking through the crust (temperature rising) so we bagged it at 11am. However the consensus to a man was that we would love to do this all day if conditions had permitted.
So here is the deal.

These are probablty 10 year conditions, not to be missed. Weather begins warming up on Tuesday with a LOW of 31 degrees. At that point the trails will become unrideable, perhaps for weeks. So tomorrow (Monday night) may be your last chance to ride for weeks. And it will be in world class conditions!!

So we will ride this week on Monday night, departing Upper Lyndenwood since the Struble is probably cratered with footprints. We'll go wherever the footprints aren't, hopefully including a dash up or down the quarry trail. Tuesday and Thursday are doubtful based on current forecast.

DON'T miss this opportunity! See you on Monday night.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Attached picture is from http://bikeroundtop.tripod.com/id16.html which is only a 12hr race, but they seem to have their priorities straight. Anyway make sure you have your priorities straight when we start lining up a 24hr race for this season. Does MDBRS still have that RV in operation?

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Riding Bikes is Fun

Yet another ride loaded with personal bests and more than a few surprises...
A couple of single-speed wannabes made the quarry climb on middle chain ring and second sprocket.

One rider "went missing" mid ride so we launched our first bonafied search and rescue mission. Our first sweep thru the park turned up nothing so we mobilized a ground unit (thanks Kirk) to assist in the search.

Search concluded successfully so instead of calling next of kin we were able to debrief in the comfort of the Ferrer clubhouse. Conclusions:

* Riding bikes is fun, need to do it more often;
* Agree on mid-ride rendezvous locations (boat launch, dam, etc);
* Everyone should bring a walkie talkie (or cell, but coverage can be spotty) on future rides, especially winter and nite rides;
* Duct tape provides excellent foot protection against wind and water and is stylish as well;
* Single speed wannabes are at least five sprockets short of SS nirvana.

Weekday schedule:
* Tuesday night depart UL at 830. I am travelling so am questionable for Tues nite.
* Thursday night depart LL at 830.

I think that about covers it...

Friday, February 2, 2007

We Are Not Alone


We are not alone



P.S. Last night was the 1st full moon ride of '07. Trails are wicked
fast, mud pits are tricky but passable. Sunday ride will be refreshing
(high 22), departing from Lower Lyndenwood at 11am.