Sunday, June 16, 2013


Right out my back yard. I am a lucky guy.
Saturday sunset ride. Right out my back yard, I am a lucky guy.

Speaking of wonders, the beer tree was another kind of wonder. Sure it was man-made and not as wondrous as a sunset over Marsh Creek Lake. But it was pretty wonderful.

A few weeks ago we took it down out of concern that some Muggles might not appreciate it like we did. We brought it into this world, and we would decide when it would leave. We owned it from cradle to grave.

Well it turns out that at least one Muggle did appreciate it. He was out hiking last Friday and he told us so. He was obviously a connoisseur since he even had a favorite can (the Fat Tire Ale). He thought it was wonderful too.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


A bunch of people will show up in the parking lot wearing long pants, boots, and long sleeve t-shirts. Some of them will bring a shovel, pruners, or a hand saw. A couple trucks will show up with PATH equipment (power whackers, trimmers, saws, etc) and some people will grab one of those. There will be some kibitzing with the new ranger where we will introduce ourselves as the responsible mountain bikers that we are, and we will get his thoughts on where we should focus our efforts. Then Scott or one of the other organizers will make some loose assignments ("a bunch of you go that way and the rest of you come with me" sort of a thing), and we will head off into the woods for a couple hours of grunt work amid the prickers and poison ivy. There will be a lot of laughing and back slapping and sweating and if we're lucky nobody will lose a finger and we'll end up back in the lot and will saddle up for a short night ride.

That's my prediction for tomorrow night.


Saturday, June 1, 2013


So far this week I have witnessed two miracles.
  1. At the 2013 Bud Mauger memorial ride at Marsh Creek State Park, I saw Mark turn water into beer. Seriously. I never knew Bud personally, but based on what I've heard about him, he may have had a hand in this.
  2. At the FHHR, I saw vegetables turned into ice cream. Not one of those frozen-yogurt-ish lame excuses for ice cream, but delicious creamy mint chocolate chip ice cream. 
I've heard miracles come in threes. Can't wait to see what is next.