Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lights Out

Even better ride last night with 6 including guest appearance by some guy named Kirk who clearly had something to prove and rode like a madman. Sebastian wrote a new chapter in our book of memorable adventures by riding at night without a light (very impressive), and some trails we rarely (never) try at night took out a number of riders myself included. Having a large turnout seems to take things up a notch or two...

I trust KO and DM made it back OK as we entered Lyndenwood at a very high rate of speed and found we somehow lost 2 riders.

Back on tonight at 8:30pm. Jim will be picking up Blue Flash at LL (assuming he can find a light) but let’s depart from UL to add some variety and so we can finish with a sprint on the flats by the river.

Jim would it be possible for you to be at my place 8:20pm so we can then push to UL to join up with the rest?


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