Friday, December 22, 2006

Defiled Again

Well we have successfully defiled yet another pasttime! A fast ride last night (8 riders!) followed by almost 4 hours of electrolyte replenishment around the bonfire. We covered a lot of ground in those 4 hours, including:

* TMI about Dean's under garments
* Interest in hiring "mountain s_______s" for our next post ride event.
* Learned we are "not young" but rather we are "old guys" according certain local teenagers who should know
* A scarey peek into Miller's world during winter break at Target

The ride home was interesting to say the least. Thanks Kirk for setting this up.

I am out for the happy hour ride due to haircut appointment that slipped (what was left of) my mind last nite.

Remember this SUNDAY's ride starts an hour EARLY: 10am - 12noon. Departing from Upper.

Also Damian is trying to pull together photos/videos of the house fire. He has asked if I could help pull these together. If you have pix or know of someone else who does could you please let me know? Also if you would pass the word that I am trying to pull these together for Damian that would be appreciated as well.


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