Monday, April 30, 2007

Six Savages

We now have six bonafied Savages among us - tested by the crucible of grueling competition (20 miles of it). The real headline is that we served notice to over 100 visiting teams not to mess with Marsh Creek (OUR house), as we took home #1 and #2 finishes! Now we drop some Advil and contemplate next year's defense of our title.

As you can imagine there are numerous stories to recount but as is tradition you must jump one of this week's rides to get the details. Also it is time to switch to summer hours, so for this week:
  • Tuesday night (8:30pm) depart LL
  • Thursday morning (6:30am) depart UL

Also I think we have some spring babies on the team (Kirk?, others?), be sure and let us know your preference for Chelsey's ride.


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