Friday, July 10, 2009

My Baby Just Keeps Givin'

Just when I thought I had gunkholed every trail in MCSP, I found a brand spanking new single track in the park (picture of sunrise at the park entrance). I liked the new single track so much I rode it 3 times (up, down, then down again toward the end of the ride).

During by first down on this new trail I heard someone bombing the Rocky Climb but I wasn't able to circle back in time to see who it was (typically not many riders at that early hour). Was that you Sebastian? I am pretty sure it wasn't Mr. non-committal-that's-how-I-roll-drunken-bike-shop-guy (not mentioning any names) because his garage was buttoned up when I rode by at 6am.

Anyway Kudos to the enterprising soul who laid in that new single track - it is awesome.


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