Saturday, February 20, 2010

Breakfast Ride

Breakfast was delicious.

We started with a MTB road ride on the Struble. The trail into town was clear but still as flat as ever, so we decided to tack on a climb to the top of Skelp Level. It had the desired effect and by the time we were back to the bottom, we had worked up a pretty good
appetite and well, Chelsea's was open and it was almost noon in Halifax Nova Scotia, so we decided to duck in to drink eat some breakfast.

Half an hour later, fueled and rejuvinated, we headed back out into the spring-like weather for some more riding. We weren't the only ones enjoying the mild weather. We saw a couple of foxes during our ride - a reddish one streaking across an open field by the lake, and a blondish one sniffing around down near the creek. The second one might be rabid as it was showing a distinct interest in our lead rider, so be careful out there.


"Bikes, babes, and beer. Whenever life gets you down, return to the fundamentals."
-- anonymous

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