Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Good Morning

Sara and I finished the Hibernia Duathlon in 1:55. Lap times (run, bike, bike, run) were 0:22, 0:28, 0:30, 0:25. A belly full of pizza and Gatorade, a hot shower, and now the couch is calling out to me and I am powerless to resist.

It was really a blast chasing down a few riders. The distance slowly closes. Eventually they hear you behind them and they pick up the pace...for a while, but then they surrender and you politely say "on your left." Or as was the case in one particularly sketchy downhill, I dove for another line through the rocks and instantly he was behind me. Of course many of these poor souls had already run 2.5 miles and I was still fresh because I had Sara do the dirty work for me. But still, it was fun!
Digression: One guy rode a Surly Pugsley, I think that is a cool bike. My full suspension was definitely too much bike for this race, but I needed gears on the flats. Thinking of trading the FS in for a 29er hard tail, with gears...or a Pugsley.

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