Sunday, May 23, 2010

Don't Be a Nancy

OK so we didn't ride this morning as it was soggy and still oscillating between spritzer and occasional downpour. But if you weren't at least up this morning at 6am checking and/or your email for ride status, then you are still a Nancy (except of course for Dave Calvaresi who is a crazy man).

But do not despair. If we don't get out today (opportunistic), then tomorrow morning would be a great opportunity to redeem yourself and add some spice to your Monday with a refreshing sunrise ride. The morning fog is sure to add a sublime element to what is always a spectacular ride and a memorable way to start any day. And you can smile to yourself on your way in to the office when you see all the poor zombies stumbling bleary-eyed into yet another Monday morning buzz-saw wondering where the heck the weekend went.

Don't be a Nancy. Or a zombie. Be the guy who had the kick ass morning under his belt before the rest of the world really even woke up!


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