Sunday, October 3, 2010

No Better Way

What better way to prepare for a triathlon than by crawling into a tent around 1:00am with a belly full of scotch and two legendary snorers sleeping in tents next door?  Well if last night is any indication, there is no better way. We prepared in style the night before with:
  • Hobo packs for about 20 kids and almost as many adults, prepped on an open fire pit. Kids eating vegetables and loving it for Pete's sake!
  • The Taj Mahal of tents, anchoring a rag-tag tent city in the north forty at Sugar's Bridge.
  • And of course the fifth of Glenfiddich that did about a dozen laps around the late night campfire.
The next morning started strong at 7:00am - strong coffee that is - and in spite of Dave's two right shoes we got to the starting line with plenty of time to get our team organized and pumped for the 8:30 am start.

As you might expect with 8 adults and 10 kids, the group strung out on the course but everyone finished in signature style. Haley crossed the finish first with Sara on her wheel, and finally Deb brought it home in true Irish style by crossing the finish with a fresh drink in her hand.

Post ride festivities included a couple trips up the climbing wall and a relaxing wind-down at Sugar's Bridge where we put the finishing touches on our recipe for a relaxing and memorable weekend:
  • 1 night of no sleep
  • 1.5 hours of exercise
  • 2 hours of bloody mary's
  • Ample doses of warm sunbshine and the laughter of smiling kids
Mix and enjoy!

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