Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gaining Some Lost Ground

Carving the Bonus Loop
With Friday night's bonfire, Saturday night Christmas caroling, and the seemingly endless supply of home made cookies available in our house I have lost some serious ground over the last 48 hours. Mike and I decided to  reclaim some lost territory with an early afternoon ride.

It feels like we gained a lot. 

Views were pretty spectacular, about half the lake is now frozen. Trails were fast and frozen for the most part, but soft enough to add some pucker factor to the fast hillside descent by the Dorlan Mill ruins. Ran into some other bikers, including MikeM and Mark on the Lakeside Trail and an enthusiastic foursome whooping it up on the teeter. Carefully hopscotched around some black ice patches on the rocky climb.

Now I think I'll have some cookies and watch the Eagles game...give back some of the territory I just gained.



  1. Good to see you guys out there. Trails in GREAT shape. And I hate to admit this, but we turned the Eagles game off in disgust with about 10 minutes left... imagine our surprise when we learned what we missed!

  2. I hope you were having a LOT of fun during those 10 minutes...