Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Light

I am reminded of the mosquito in the movie Bug's Life who was drawn to the mesmerizing light of the bug zapper.  "It's So Beautiful" he said.  It ended badly for him, but not so for us. And in this case the attraction was beer.  A stroke of genius really - we're now drinking our beer during the happy hour  ride instead of after.

This time it started at the Thursday morning bus stop with Rob's innocent inquiry.  "You guys doing a happy hour ride tomorrow?"  I knew then that I would not be drinking alone.

Friday morning I sent the customary email reminder.  I knew it would be slim pickin's since some regular riders had commitments and others I fear have sworn off mountain biking since the Colorado trip (I'll post on that in the future).  But MikeM chimed in that he was stuffing a couple of Blues in his pack, so I had a sense of momentum building.

The anointed time (5:00) arrived at the boat launch.  Mike was rolling in.  Rob had brought Zoey (so now we were four souls).  That's when Bob rolled in all smiles and ready to ride (I think Bob is always ready to ride).  We headed toward the Bonus Loop and by the time we got to the totter, Zoey was a little gassed so we headed down to the new trail which has a natural hangout-and-drink-beer spot overlooking the lake...this is where we ran into JimM.  Jim was heading home after his Friday ride, was no doubt thirsty, and succumbed readily to the siren call of beer by the lake.

So in the end it was six souls for the Friday happy hour. And yes it was "so beautiful."  Can't wait until next Friday!


"Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for one more ride."


  1. Carbohydration at its finest. - MM

  2. Luckily we are limited by what we can carry, otherwise it could get our of hand. Thank God for small favors.