Saturday, January 7, 2012


Skunked twice in two days.
Saturday morning -
Closed for deer culling
Whenever we visit the inlaws in Maryland I take the opportunity to sneak out early and hit the awesome trails at Schaeffer Farm. 

Saturday morning I ran into the second day of a two-day organized deer harvest. I considered riding anyway in my bright green jacket but figured if I got winged by one of those hunters I would not had a leg to stand on. Skunked. Off to Starbucks.
Sunday morning -
Closed due to trail conditions

Sunday morning I snuck out again. Early. This time the park was closed due to wet riding conditions. Skunked again. I considered riding the trails anyway, but the law-enforcement--per-capita down here is pretty high, so I thought better of it and rode some pole-line trails instead. Brutal on a single speed but hey, I was riding and it was on dirt.

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