Monday, February 20, 2012


Honeymoon Buster
Lately I've been exclusively riding my 26" geared HT in order to work out the kinks (I just built the bike up with garage spares) and to save my favorite ride (the Rig) from the muddy trails. It's been a great diversion - the 26er is nimble and the gears help make up for my poor (winter) conditioning.

But yesterday I couldn't resist. The Rig called out to me, so for the first time on months I saddled her up...and it felt soooo good. The last few months of small wheels, cheap frame, and gears had left me in a dark place and now everything was right again.

Halfway through the Bonus Loop the honeymoon was in full swing when the rear brake started making some really unnatural sounds. Not honeymoon types of unnatural sounds, but fingernails on chalkboard types of unnatural sounds.

I pulled off the rear wheel and discovered the spring-doo-hickey that separates the brake pads had somehow gotten mangled, and it was rubbing between the pad and rotor. Diagnosis complete but what to do besides take a picture? I tried to bend back into shape but the spring metal was not co-operating, so eventually I just twisted off the mangled portion, reassembled, and just like that the honeymoon was back on.

Looking forward to more honeymoon in the near future. That nasty little distraction is behind me now.


"29 and single"
  -- On a t-shirt I saw once

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