Tuesday, June 5, 2012


"I love the smell of thermonuclear
detonations in the morning
Name that movie...
We were greeted by cool crisp air, dew covered grass, a heavy mist over the lake, and a massive thermonuclear detonation (sunrise) over the lake.

When we ducked into the Sole Trail around 6am we were in the shadow of a hillside so it was still almost dusk. We rode the Bonus Loop, under cover the whole way. When we finally climbed out the top of the Sole Trail on the return leg 30 minutes later, we were bathed in brilliant sunlight. It really was like night and day.

It was our first weekday morning ride of the season. These morning rides are precious, partly because so few people do them, but also because they feel so utterly different from the typical daytime ride. You know how the first few times you go on a night ride, it's utterly alien experience?  Well it's the same with these early morning rides. Your head is in a completely different place, the light is totally different, the smells, the wildlife, everything is different. These factors stack up and multiply in your head, and the result is quite amazing.


P.S. Oh and Mark's Furly SS had a mechanical. My geared El Mar did not. I think he's looking forward to switching from Furly to Surly, MikeM get your toolbox ready...


  1. I love the early morning rides. There is something quite tranquil about riding the trails as the sun rises. You're treated to morning mists or deep frosts and quiet tracks. I'm probably one of the few people who like to do their night rides in reverse. Start in the dark finish in the light.

  2. That's actually an interesting twist. We generally wait until June to start these rides, so there is some light to begin the ride. I kind of like the idea of starting in the dark, will have to add that variation soon.

    1. One to on longer nights otherwise you have to get up mighty early in the morning. I'm not that keen!

  3. Sunrise in the west? Seriously? When did that start?

  4. Hey, it was 530 in the friggin' morning, give me a break!