Friday, January 4, 2013

Looking Forward

THANK YOU to all who reached out in various ways this last week. It meant a lot and I found that all the talking/typing helped me wrap my own head around a bizarre turn of events.

I had a very close call this week. But "all is well that ends well' as they say and this ended well. Let's just say I am an extremely lucky man.  Reflecting back though, this week left some pretty strong impressions that you may (or may not) find interesting so I figured I'd share them while you may be listening:

  • Don't mess around if you have symptoms of something serious.  If it happens to you, I GUARANTEE it will not be at a convenient time and there will be a rational explanation in your head for why it's not serious.  You may be right.  But you also may be wrong and it's not worth taking that chance.  In was not convenient for me and I had a rational explanation but at the urging of those around me I did the right thing.  I almost didn't and that could have ended very badly.
  • Take a low-dose aspirin every morning.  Make it your routine.  I've been doing that for a couple of years and it may have saved me from some serious hurt, or worse.  The FIRST THING they gave me when I arrived at the ER was three baby aspirin!  Just do it.  Easy breezy.
  • That hospital was full of people my age who just yesterday had a lot of life in them.  Now suddenly their future has evaporated.  Hopefully that doesn't happen to any of us, but let me tell you that line between us and them is thinner than you can ever imagine.  Last Monday I almost crossed that line.  You could too.  The point is to recognize each day as a gift and ride the heck out of it.  "Ride it like you stole it" as they say. That's a lot to ask for every day, but having a sense of urgency will be a good thing. 

Thanks for listening and don't forget the aspirin,

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