Sunday, February 3, 2013

Breeding Ground at the C2C Disco

Photo shoot at the C2C disco where two Inbreds saw
First Dirt. That's a fresh Breeze(r) in the background.
First Dirt ride report for my On-One Inbred single speed.

I haven't weighed it yet but I know it is not a light bike. However it does feel light when in the saddle, probably because of the light Easton wheelset (1,700 grams), the Conti X-King tires (700 grams each), and the kicker of adrenaline that comes with any first ride.

The steel frame, large volume tires (2.4s), and springy wheelset produced a very smooth ride for a hard tail on some very hard frozen ground.

Finally, trail manners were superb. The bike felt nimble on tight singletrack but was stable when rolling fast on wide open downhills.

I'll be making a few tweaks (tubeless conversion and extend fork from 80mm to 100mm) but I think I've got a winner here.  SS definitely makes me a better rider, perhaps because I am feeble minded and worrying about finding the right gear is too much of a distraction for me. Feeble minded or not, I do think short technical uphills are best done in a large gear and on a geared bike it is just too tempting to downshift for mechanical advantage. SS definitely gives the whole body workout as well, as evidenced by the whole body soreness (a familiar friend) I am feeling right now. Even MY HANDS are tired!

Yep, we have a winner.


"29 and single"
     -- unknown

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