Sunday, March 9, 2014

I'm Getting Fat

The dark days of winter always mean weight gain and conditioning loss. This year's record snowfall has accelerated the decline and this broken wrist has dashed any hopes of even slightly bending the curve. But of course I can still drink beer (and I have found a limited supply of my new favorite Limbo IPA) so my spirits are high but it's bending the curve even further in the wrong direction. 

So I've had a few Limbos. I've cleaned and lubed the bikes twice since January 17th. I'm replacing the fork on the Inbred SS but that is a story I will save for another day. And today I am officially announcing that I am lazy, I am soft, and yes I am fat.

Yes, fat. 

So imagine my surprise this morning when my girls rolled out my birthday present. It was in a big box that looked suspiciously like a bicycle shipping container and on the side was printed "Part Number NB-BFAT" and all I saw was blah-blah-dash-blah-FAT

Yep, I am now the proud owner of a spanking new fat bike (or as Ruth would say, "clown" bike)! This XL porker weighed in at 38lbs with pedals (tubeless conversion, drilling the rims, and replacing the seat and post may drop that closer to 35). The steep head tube makes for amazing slow speed handling (in my living room at least) and the olive drab paint job is bad ass!  

Thank you ladies for making me glad to be fat. 


"I have too many bikes
     -- said by no cyclist ever

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