Sunday, February 4, 2007

Riding Bikes is Fun

Yet another ride loaded with personal bests and more than a few surprises...
A couple of single-speed wannabes made the quarry climb on middle chain ring and second sprocket.

One rider "went missing" mid ride so we launched our first bonafied search and rescue mission. Our first sweep thru the park turned up nothing so we mobilized a ground unit (thanks Kirk) to assist in the search.

Search concluded successfully so instead of calling next of kin we were able to debrief in the comfort of the Ferrer clubhouse. Conclusions:

* Riding bikes is fun, need to do it more often;
* Agree on mid-ride rendezvous locations (boat launch, dam, etc);
* Everyone should bring a walkie talkie (or cell, but coverage can be spotty) on future rides, especially winter and nite rides;
* Duct tape provides excellent foot protection against wind and water and is stylish as well;
* Single speed wannabes are at least five sprockets short of SS nirvana.

Weekday schedule:
* Tuesday night depart UL at 830. I am travelling so am questionable for Tues nite.
* Thursday night depart LL at 830.

I think that about covers it...

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