Sunday, February 18, 2007

Crusty Virgins

Not sure where to start... A bunch of gamers hit the trails this morning at 830am and had the ride of a lifetime. We encountered quite a few other riders (probably a dozen) as well, so clearly the word was out that these conditions were not to be missed. Traction was outstanding, trails were smooth as a velodrome, and in fact trails were optional as you could ride virtually anywhere on this stuff (and we did blaze many new trails). After about 2 hours we began breaking through the crust (temperature rising) so we bagged it at 11am. However the consensus to a man was that we would love to do this all day if conditions had permitted.
So here is the deal.

These are probablty 10 year conditions, not to be missed. Weather begins warming up on Tuesday with a LOW of 31 degrees. At that point the trails will become unrideable, perhaps for weeks. So tomorrow (Monday night) may be your last chance to ride for weeks. And it will be in world class conditions!!

So we will ride this week on Monday night, departing Upper Lyndenwood since the Struble is probably cratered with footprints. We'll go wherever the footprints aren't, hopefully including a dash up or down the quarry trail. Tuesday and Thursday are doubtful based on current forecast.

DON'T miss this opportunity! See you on Monday night.


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