Sunday, October 14, 2007

Race Results

Saturday was a perfect day for a bike race. We set up camp at 8:30 am and promptly put few Lyndenwood kids on the podium for the kids race - good omen for many (but not all) of the Dads.

Between seven racers we had 3.5 mechanicals (busted derailleur, single flat, double flat, and inoperable front brakes). Turns out that it's possible to ride w/o front brakes, but riding with no air in the tires was a real problem for 2 riders - DNF.

At any rate, times were considerably better than last year (work paid off). Instead of bringing up the rear in sport class, we were mid pack and one of last year's beginners even demonstrated sport class podium potential!

Thanks to Dave Calvaresi for use of his hot tub for the post ride soak, rehydrate, and debrief.

Night rides this week:
* Tuesday 8:30 upper
* Thursday 8:30 lower

I am out of town - questionable for Tuesday.


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