Sunday, April 13, 2008

Become Invinc-isible

Great ride today hitting both sides of the lake. The highlight though was a couple of long lost old souls who climbed back into the saddle after a long winter hiatus. To anyone who may have been sucking a little wind today, remember the prescription: 6 rides in 2 weeks and you will be invincible. Or is that 3 shots of tequila and you will be invisible? Can't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure there is a shred of truth to both.
Weather this week looks pretty good for riding. I am out of town through Thursday so will miss the standard weekly rides, but will throw it out there and let someone pick up the baton:
  • Tuesday 8:30 Lower
  • Thursday 8:30 Upper
Anyone feel free to amend/modify times or locations as necessary.
Don't forget, Chelsy's ride in 2 weeks (4/24), can't wait to try the new trail on the return trip. I'm pretty sure that trail will name itself and it will likely be on the last Thursday of some month...
"I may not ride fast but I can lift heavy things"
-- Unnamed Lyndenwood mountain bike rider

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