Sunday, December 14, 2008

Finest Hour (not)

Cool nighttime temps so Sunday morning the trails were in pretty good shape.  I wish I could say the same for myself, not my finest hour (not my worst either, but definitely not my finest).  Was nice to see a few fresh faces we haven't seen in a while including Kirk pedaling up with a hot coffee in one hand and Coldplay on the iPod.

This week's forecast is for a double whammy of warm and wet, not terribly promising but we'll see.



  1. So as to not let this momentous occasion pass;

    The biking shoe was definitely on another foot for this past Sunday ride. While Riley, Miller, Ferrer and McGlaughlin have all been known, on occasion, to show up with the proverbial piano on their back for a Sunday ride (did I mention I've done that a few times?), rarely do we see (and smell) El Capitan displaying the results of too much Captain from the night before. Now we know he is not much of a piano mover.

    In addition to the somewhat surprising Sunday morning condition of this well known and esteemed rider, was the blatant disregard for RULE #1, and the mid ride "walk of shame" from the boat ramp to the corner of Gottier and Kaiser Drive. Overheard at the time of his unceremonious exit from what ultimately proved to be a glorious dash through the refreshing chill of a winter morn was "I better just get home before I vomit.". Truly Poetic.

    - MR

  2. Please allow me to clarify a few key points in Mike's email.

    Rule #1 - I believe I navigated sideways into that topic by complementing Mike and Kirk on their good judgment by cashing in their chips early the night before. This naturally begged the question which I answered by acknowledging (briefly) that I exercised "different" judgment than they did, possibly to my detriment. I am confident that a close lawyerly reading of rule #1 will show that I am not in worst I may be in treading in a grey area on this one.

    Alleged "Walk of shame" - to be precise it was a "RIDE of shame." I would not want anyone to get the wrong impression here.

    Piano moving - I do enjoy playing the piano, but moving it afterwards is not my bag.

    The rest of Mike's "kiss and tell" is reasonably accurate including the veiled rum references and the well established fact that our Irish contingent are big time piano movers.