Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Better Way

Here are some more morning ride pictures for your viewing pleasure. I will happily share these pictures all summer long because frankly I can't think of a better way to start the day. Actually, I can think of one and if that's the reason you missed the last five morning rides then congratulations, keep up the good work. But if not, and the result of my picture taking penchant is you looking at a bunch of cool pictures with your morning coffee then I think you are missing the point (or maybe I need to take better pictures).

Anyway I am curious where we stand on this:

1) If I took better pictures then you would be on board 200%

2) Need an earlier start and return (this is doable).

3) You found the only better way to spend the morning, every morning (congratulations)

4) You are happy to live your life vicariously, keep the pictures coming

5) None of the above (please elaborate)

Don't be shy. Let's hear it.



  1. I am on for abot 50% of these. My wife takes the other 50% for runs. There is only one better way to start the day in my book, but that is for another blog.

    - MR

  2. Too bad we're too old for mom jokes...