Tuesday, May 19, 2009

West Side Story

I have been pounding the heck out of the east side of Marsh Creek Lake lately (Lakeside, Sole, and Bonus loop trails). Why? Because they're awesome and the Lakeside trail (a masterpiece in my opinion) makes it so much fun just getting to the Sole Trail and Bonus Loop. Oh, and the sun rises over the lake just as I arrive at the Lakeside trail. It's magical.

But today I thought I'd spin around the west side for a change and wow, what a pleasant surprise! I had forgotten the many sweet trails on that side. In an hour of riding I managed to hit the Eddie Trail (see picture), Sidewinder (down), Quarry Climb (up), Entrail (both ways), the Babyheads, and the Rocky Climb (up, up, up). And there are still a myraid of trails I didn't hit like the Bobsled Run, O-Positive, and the maze of trails that drop from the ridge down to the Brandywine creek.

We'll be back at it in 10 hours (6:00am morning ride is queued up).


P.S. I have a friend who hasn't been riding in quite a while. He was a pretty avid biker (night rides, winter rides, etc). I bugged him recently about getting back into the flow with the morning rides. He said that he "doesn't set alarms for exercise." Me either. I'm worried he may be heading down a slippery slope. Please keep him in your thoughts.


  1. Let's write another West Side Story tomorrow. B pace my friend.

    - MR

  2. very funny!! Just read now. JA