Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dog Days and Tan Lines

It's the dog days of summer so don't forget your UV protection, but beware those tan lines.

This morning's ride got off to a rocky start when we had to roust one rider out of bed, at 9:00. Said rider was apparently not entirely clear that we were riding this morning so elected to burn the candle last night. On the other hand his wife was pretty clear that he was riding. How do we know this? Well as we were congregating in the driveway (and said rider was chugging a pedialyte) the garage door opened, a loaded camelback skidded across the garage floor, and the door promptly closed. I think this was the biker wife's version of "don't let the door hit you on the way out."

An honest ride ensued, we worked both sides of the lake, whitnessed a good old-fashioned baptism at the boat launch, and by my calculation sweated about 2.5 liters of liquid. I will not elaborate on the how I did this calculation, but you get the picture. Hot and humid.

We only have a month or two of morning rides left before shortened days and hunters put an end to them., don't miss out. The scenery on these rides is incredible, and the endorphin rush you get at work later in the morning will power you through anything the job can throw at you.

See you guys, Tuesday morning 6:00am, sweeping north on Kaiser...

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  1. If I see that guy, I'm going to buy him a donut.