Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Interesting Numbers

1,415. That's the number of calories we burned on a not so recent mountain bike romp at Fair Hill. I know this because Andy's GPS-HRM-thing-a-ma-bob said so.

1,350. That's the number of calories in a McDonald's Big Mac meal (super sized like they suggest when ordering). I learned this from McDonald's own nutritional information posted on their website

I think that is staggering. I know people that don't do that much work in a week, and they are the same people I used to see at McDonald's before I swore off fast food last December. What the heck are these people thinking?

Here's another set of numbers that I think are interesting: 4,000, 100, 1,415, and 14.

4,000 is the number of calories burned in a road century. I found this information on the Internet so I know it is true. 100 miles is a century. So that's 40 calories per mile when road riding. 1,415 is the number of calories we burned on our 13 mile mountain bike romp, which is 109 calories per mountain mile, or 2.7x the caloric burn rate of road riding.

So the next time your roadie friend at work asks you how many miles you rode on Sunday, ask them if they mean "roadie miles or mountain miles?"


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