Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pick Up a Twig

It happens.

You're riding along and a leaf or twig gets swept up into one of your wheels, lodges somewhere in the frame, and that "ping-ping-ping" sound shatters the great karma you had flowing a few short seconds ago. If you're lucky it ejects by itself, or you are able to clear it out by hand without stopping...and without crashing.

But on tonight's ride the twig was about three inches in diameter, and instead of a playful "ping-ping-ping" sound, Jim's front wheel froze instantly and he endo'd, almost. Great stuff.

But best of all was that after wrenching that sucker out (it took some work), that $50 Loco wheel was as true as the day it was machine-built somewhere in Taiwan. Pretty impressive. Not sure a $1,000 American Classic would have fared as well. Maybe yes, but maybe no.

We rode the west side including the new Root Trail bypass -- dubbed the "Re-Root Trail" (thanks Mike). Surface frozen with soft ground underneath. Someone said sort of like riding on moss...or like riding with two flat tires. Strange sensation, great workout.



  1. Hi, Yeah, let me know if you get over here and I'll do likewise if I get over there. I'm thinking about setting up another site where I can invite people to join and submit content. If it works, I'll notify you and perhaps we can do a kind of transalantic hook up on our respective adventures.


  2. Ouch!!! That "twig" looks painful to both bike and body. I was just browsing through blogs and ended up here...

  3. Surprisingly, both rider and bike were unscathed. Count one for the good guys. Next time we won't be so lucky...