Saturday, June 25, 2011

Big Five Inch

Took the Rig for my first ride since Moab. Just to loosen up.

The big five inch...

  • Too many hikers. I don't think we saw anyone on the trails the first four days of riding in Colorado and Utah. I like that.
  • Really good air. There is 4x the oxygen (per volume) here than at the top of Bolam Pass. We were not acclimatized for Bolam Pass. Big difference.
  • Didn't miss the gears really, but did reach for the shifter out of habit.
  • Pucker factor. Didn't register at MCSP. 
  • No rear suspension was weird. Not much front either since I filled the Reba with too much oil. I got used to the RumbleFish with 5" of plush travel front and back. Not that I needed it today, but I missed it. I started hopping up and down on the Rig and nothing much happened. 

I really do miss that big five inch.

"29 and single"
     -- saw it on a t-shirt once

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