Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sleeping With Your Junk

My feet in the
White Clay parking lot
without cycling shoes
I slept with my junk all week in Colorado. Every time I woke up, it was right there. So I'd pack my tent and sleeping bag, put on my junk, climb on the bike, and ride. Day after day.


Except today at 6:00am when I had to load my junk in a car and drive an hour to White Clay...only to find I forgot some important junk. Like, my cycling shoes.

It was so pathetic even Mike and Andy didn't have the heart to abuse me.

So instead of riding the sweet flowy singletrack of White Clay I ran errands at Walmart and Home Depot.

"Go Big or Go Home"
     -- unknown

1 comment:

  1. Oh sumbich! Man that's happened to everyone. I'd like to tell ya I'm not laughing but... yeah. MM