Monday, October 10, 2011

Grass Roots

Apparently word is spreading. Beer and bikes at the overlook. Last Friday's happy hour drew riders from as far away as Vermont!

...well...A rider...

...but still, that's pretty respectable for a grassroots BYO happy hour in the middle of the woods.

I had been pushing the pedals for about an hour before the meet up. With eight guys there was plenty of banter and I was mellowing on the beer and contemplating a relaxed ride home. But Don and his chrome plated Biamchi singlespeed from Vermont were creating quite a stir in the group and before I could do the mental math (Beers + Dusk + NoLights = TimeToGoHome) we were racing for the Double Bonus Loop.

Boys will be boys.



  1. Yeah I was glad to NOT do the Bonus Bonus... played around at the teeter and log for a bit... plenty dark ever for us when we got back. Now where are my light batteries? :)

  2. No Cake? Surely there must have been some? I'm not convinced you're real cyclists...........:)