Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Endings

Someone forwarded an email to the biking group - a coupon offer from a LBS for "Bicycle Therapy" (tune-up, inner tubes, and accessory discount). Following are priceless excerpts from that short-lived email thread:

AF> Don't know this shop but thought some of you could use this ["Bicycle Therapy" ad]

CD> I signed my aluminum hardtail bike up for a "happy ending" therapy session.  They said it is totally legal and that my bike would ride like a Moots Ti frame afterward... 

MM> Yeah but after a few minutes it's gonna want to take a nap

MR> This can't end well...

AF> It only lasted 2 minutes anyway

I just thought that thread deserved to be immortalized (or banished into oblivion - whatever it is that happens when things get posted on this blog).


"Beware of all enterprises that require a change into Lycra"
     -- Unknown

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